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Tonight I am amazed at how each of us has a story, and each one is important.

This weekend while singing for and participating in Laurel University’s commencement, I heard the story of a former drug dealer who gave his life to the Lord in prison, and now speaks to youth groups in the area. He graduated today with a degree in ministry and Christian counseling.

I met a retired police officer who is now a youth pastor. He ministers to teens who are broken, abused, troubled. He and his wife shared that they listen to our CDs in their van as they transport kids to church. At one time, this retired cop had fought and arrested the aforementioned dealer-turned-preacher. They hugged today as they both walked across the stage with their degrees. It’s one thing to hear “Amazing Grace,” but even more powerful to see it.

Real ministry does not require a stage or microphone. In fact, some of the most effective people will largely be unnoticed. But we ALL have a story, because we all fit into His. Opportunities to write more of His story are available to each of us, every day.


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  1. avatar Lois says:

    Amen… What an awesome God we serve… So amazing to see lives totally transformed by His grace.

  2. avatar Britt says:

    Hi Lauren, I just wanted to tell you that your songs really have encouraged me and helped me to pray to God. You seem so strong. I hope I can be strong like this and trust the Lord. I know He is the only one who can help me and feel the void in my heart. I love the song Orphans of God and Hidden Heroes. Thank you for all you do. Sisters in Christ, Britt

  3. avatar Kay Roshong says:

    Back in the 1980’s I had a split track cassette with “An apple a day” , “What makes popcorn pop”, etc.. Is there any possibility of securing another copy of those songs again? Would love for my grandchildren to be able to sing these songs in church just like their mother did.

  4. avatar Divya says:

    Amen.What an awesome God we serve !
    He lives!

  5. avatar Divya says:

    Dear Lauren,

    Have you visited India for concerts before..

    do you gavd plans in the future?


  6. avatar Divya says:

    Dear Lauren,

    Have you visited India for concerts before..

    do you have plans in the future?

    We would love to have you in capital cities of different states like Mumbai, bangalore, chennai, kolkatta and hyderabad to minister into the youth.

  7. avatar A Broken One says:

    Dear Ms. Lauren,
    I don’t know if you have time to read all of the comments you receive, but I hope that you find time to read this one.
    You see, I’m only a 17 year old girl, but God has changed me and saved my life through you. I developed depression a few years ago and that lead to self harming and suicide attempts. I was in and out of hospitals and it was in one of those hospitals I heard your music.
    Once I was released I was doing good for awhile, but one time I wanted to cut really bad. When I was about to do it I had an overwhelming feeling of peace and love. I stopped what I was doing and listened to your song The Broken Ones. Since that day whenever I feel sad or stressed out I listen to The Broken Ones and Orphans of God and I feel loved and peaceful.
    I’d like you to know that it has been a year and almost 10 months that I have gone without self harming. I have you and God to thank for that. I am forever grateful.
    God Bless,
    One of God’s Children

  8. avatar Felita says:

    Lauren….you are the best female singer I have ever heard. The Lord has blessed you with talent. Keep using for Him.

  9. avatar CandyMurphy says:

    Lauren,I was in church on Sunday and the message was on move that mountain,immediately I thought of the song mountain mover and got the CD out of my vehicle and played it for my pastor. He wants the choir to learn the song but I’m having trouble getting the sound track could you please contact me and get my info so I can get the sound track in medium high low. Thanks so much for all the songs,I live in an area where broken one’s are in the Daytona Beach, Florida so I play and listen to gospel music. Love Candy

  10. avatar Cindy and Leah Scott says:

    Singing lessons, you asked me to send this through your webmaster.

  11. avatar Brian Bond says:

    Hello, Lauren. I am a Music Pastor in Edwardsville, IL. I am programming music for this year and I came across a video of you (Celebration, with Sevier Heights Celebration Choir and Orchestra) singing “I’ve Got a Song.” It is powerful! I really would like to add it to my choir’s repertoire this season but I have not been able t o find it anywhere. I am looking for the sheet music and accompaniment. Can you help me locate it? I have tried contacting Geron Davis, several churches (including Sevier Heights) whom all have videos on YouTube. None have responded. I pray you will be able to help me in this search.

    Thanks so much.

  12. avatar eeegee says:

    Lauren, Just watched the 1987 video of you singing God Likes People. It was an angelic voice then, and even more now! Please don’t change.

  13. avatar donna matuszak says:

    I also had the tapes of “What makes Popcorn Pop?” and “An Apple a Day”. I played them so much to my class at school back then I wore them out. I really really would love to be able to purchase more, at least another one. Please would you consider releasing some so we can enjoy them still, and be able to spread these good songs with a new generation of children? If you would I would dearly love it. If you have one, make one, acquire one, etc..that I may buy please msg me. Thanks and God Bless!
    Donna Matuszak

  14. avatar Ted Hansen says:

    Ms. Lauren, I saw and heard you perform on In Touch this morning and I just have to say that you evoke powerful goodness from The Lord Jesus. God bless you!

  15. avatar J Dillard says:

    Hello Lauren, My husband told me he’d just heard you on In Touch and said I would love your song. He was right! I loved it. Thank you so much.
    Merry Christmas!

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