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imageLauren Talley Alvey can add another accomplishment to her already extensive bio: Doctor.

Lauren received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree in Worship Arts from Laurel University in High Point, NC on May 11, where she also performed special music and delivered the commencement address to the graduates. “I know it’s because of God’s grace that I’m here today,” she told the audience. “I said yes to Him all those years ago, and He did everything else.”

Plans are underway for Lauren to work with the Worship Arts department of Laurel University, periodically providing special master classes and guest seminars. Information can be found at laureluniversity.edu.

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  1. avatar Maureen Pritts says:

    Hi Lauren,

    I just wanted to Thank You!!! for a wonderful evening last night at Faith Chapel. You have a wonderful carrier and you are a great singer and I wish you all the best. I hope the Lord will continue to bless you because you were a blessing to me.

    Sect. / Faith Chapel

  2. avatar Jack Causey says:

    Greetings, On June 6 in Monroe La. the Lord used you wonderfully. As you were singing ” the broken ones ” you left the stage and begin to move down the isle. When you came to the pew where my wife and I were sitting you took my wife’s hand and confirmed that our work was and is not in vain. The child that was sitting between us is a causality of a broken home. She is forced to live in a tragic situation, yet our hearts have been touched by Brittany. We offer all that we have to help her and have dedicated ourselves to her. I wish to express our Thanks to you for obeying the SPIRIT OF THE LORD, in your ministry and also for allowing Brittany to have a Photo with you. She felt so special being able to have herself in a picture with you. As you go on about your busy schedule, maybe, sometimes you will think about this encounter, and I trust you will feel peace for your actions. Myself having been raised in the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home from age 4 to 18, I experienced many gifts. I realize that to whom much has been given much will be required. Within that small congregation that evening there were no doubt many broken ones, but when you took time to visit with Brittany, you truly found THE BROKEN ONE. She is 13 as of now and her life is ahead of her with many trials, yet you have planted a seed of LOVE in her. Thank you so much for taking time with her. In closing this I noticed the DR. in front of your name, and I love education, however what you did in obedience to the Spirit requires no education and is so powerful. We enjoyed both of your concerts at the LBCH reunion and we are thankful for this family’s talent. Jack Causey.

    • avatar Lauren says:

      I just saw this comment. How special! God bless you and your wife for what you’re doing. So glad Brittany has people in her life to be a Godly influence and loving example. Hope we see you again!

  3. avatar Roger Dolinger says:

    Nice going Dr. Lauren.

  4. avatar Traci Bell says:

    Dear Lauren,

    I first heard you sing on Pandora and I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the messages of every song I have heard. The words have encouraged me to continue serving our Lord and Saviour! My sister and I have been through so much in the last four years and though we both know God has ordained our steps, the trials are not easy. July 11, 2010 our dad entered heaven to be in the presence of the Lord and more recently on December 29, 2013 our dear mother also entered the presence of her Lord. I rejoice that one day i will see them again but the earthly heartache of both parents being gone is great.
    God has been and is so wonderfully good to me! He never ceases to show Himself my faithful provider!
    Have a blessed day serving our Lord!

  5. avatar Brenda Herr says:

    Hi! I was at the concert when you were in Abbottstown Pa on Sat night! I really enjoy you singing with your parents! I bought 2 DVDs and they are great! I really enjoy all the songs! You folks have really Blessed me that night! Right now Im having a lot of struggles! I would like to go on some Cruise sometime but the funds are very tight! But Im hopeing that I can go in the near future! Please Pray for me!
    Brenda Herr

  6. avatar Pam hall says:

    Congrats Lauren what an inspiration you are to many! Smart…funny…beautiful….and just a great role model for all women!!! Keep up the great work!! Listening to your CDs helped me through my dad’s passing recently!! My dad and I would listen to you guys every time we were together in the same vehicle. What a comfort it was once he passed. Love ya and tell that handsome hubby of your that he is Awesome also!!! God bless!

  7. avatar Jenni says:

    Is there a way to get piano sheet music for the songs in the night album?

  8. avatar Jan Kelso says:

    A while back you and your family came to Blairland Baptist Church in Loudon, TN.
    During your performance of The Broken Ones you can down and held my hand as you sang the song. I was going thru a time when my Mother was dying and my husband was having an affair. I cannot tell you what peace that still gives me as my Mother has gone on to see Jesus and my husband has told me that he is divorcing me to marry this woman 36year younger than he is. Our relationship has be 42 years in the making. So I want to thank you for listening to GOD and reaching out and taking my hand to comfort me because of what was fixing to hapen in my life.
    God Bless You now and forever

  9. avatar Janet Childress says:

    The last time we met I was going through chemo & fighting to survive. I’m so blessed to say that three and a half years later I’ve won that fight! Glory to Him! Your music blessed my heart & spoke to me in the darkest nights. Thank you for serving Him in the wonderful way that you do and for ministering to us all with your beautiful voice!

  10. avatar Adam Wiles says:

    I have the accompaniment for the song, Almighty from your album, and there is a part in there where you sing in Spanish or something. Is there any way to get those lyrics because I want to sing this song at church and I would love to learn that part… It is so fast I cannot catch what you are saying.

  11. avatar Rachael Melton says:

    Hey Lauren,
    I absolutely love hearing you sing “The Broken Ones”. It’s one of my favorite songs. At end you quote Matthew 25:40, is it from a particular translation or are you paraphrasing the verse?

  12. avatar Rachael Melton says:

    At the end of “The Broke Ones”, you quote Matthew 25:40. Do you paraphrase that or if there’s a Bible translation you use?

  13. avatar Cindy says:

    What an awesome time we had last night at Talatha in Aiken. Been loving the Talleys for a long time and finally get to meet you all. Wow, God has blessed you with an amazing voice and I hope to hear you again in person. Praise God you all are an inspiration. Bless you.

  14. avatar sharla lang patterson says:

    Congrats Lauren. Its such a blessing to see how you have grown not only in your spiritual growth but also in your accomplishments. I am so very proud of you and wish you continued success and many blessings. Thank you for your dedication in spreading God’s word thru your testimony and life experiences. You truly are a blessing to so many people. Thanks and love you!!

  15. avatar Virginia Rossouw says:

    Hi Lauren

    I am from South Africa. I watched you growing up on the Gaither Homecoming video’s,and allways knew that you had been showered with the anointing upon your life and music. Since I am not living in the U.S.,I do not get to hear you as much as I would love to. Be assured though,I buy your music. My favourite song on the Hymns-recording,is ‘Halleluja,praise the Lord’. I would also love to hear more of you guys, as a trio. Love Debra’s voice. Give my love to your mom,and dad,Rodger. Congratulations with your doctorate achievement. I allways knew you were a smart young lady. God bless you all. Virginia

  16. Dear Dr. Alvey I would like to apologize for making (what I thought was just making jokes and trying to be funny) (I apparently was’nt).Anyway I’m sorry.I was wondering if you had a DVD or Blu-ray with you and your family performing He’s Alive on it? It was on youtube and I watched and listened to it quite often.For some reason they’ve pulled it down and I thought it was the very best rendition,I’ve ever heard.If you have it, I would be most appreciative if you would tell me how I could attain a copy.Thanking you in advance for any help you may give me.God bless you and yours.

  17. avatar Stacy Davis says:

    YDDear Lauren, just want you to know what a blessing you have been in my life. Especially your song the broken ones! I have ran from my calling from God for so long . I always thought it was foreign missions but after the last lose I’ve had it has opened my eyes to the needs here. I’ve had the honor to go to West.Africa and Brazil and have seems gods great works but lately I’ve.prayed s hat God would have me do. I dee the name of my ministry is the broken ones ministry. But I will nort do it without you letting me know it’s ok ! Again that you for being such and inspiration ro me!

  18. avatar Jeff Hamsher says:

    Suggestion: Look at James Ward – Rock Of Ages – Youtube Jan.20, 2014 Version. This would be a wonderful song for you to sing !

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